About Me



Chi-Tao Li is an experienced and successful training and development leader with a track record of success in highly competitive environments requiring extreme levels of preparation, precision and discipline.

With ten years’ experience training elite professionals and driving performance, clients from beginners to the elite have the opportunity to learn techniques, Strategy, Analysis & Training methods of boxing.

Coach Chi-Tao Li  has worked with the Mayweather Boxing Club in Las Vegas. The reputation he gained from driving world boxing champions and international competitors provided new levels of success that helped build a strong base of industry contacts.

  • Achieved personal success with Level 3 Certifications from Boxing Canada and the National Coach Certification Program (NCCP).
  • Trained fighters to achieve great success in their fields, including an IBF World Championship (Mickey Bey), participation and success in international competitions, and success across fighting disciplines.
  • Gained responsibility and trust with industry leaders, as well as invaluable experience, as assistant to legendary boxing professionals Eddie Mustafa Muhammad and Fernando Vargas.
  • Engaged clients at the peak of their professional field in preparation for high-profile competitions, including members of prestigious The Money Team (TMT), founded by Floyd Mayweather, Jr.
  • Utilized community resources to quickly assimilate to new cultural environments in Las Vegas and Japan, and improve professional effectiveness with local clientele.


*Top Coaching for elite boxers. Boxing for beginners and intermediates accepted.

*Boxing Training for the Coach and the Athlete.

*Techniques, Strategy, Analysis & Training methods

* Available to train at a local gym or at your location.

Price for training available on contact.