New app for both iPhone and iPad: Boxing Combinations Galore

Boxing Combinations Galore (This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad)

Boxing Combinations Galore
Boxing Combinations Galore


Contains over 19 hours of instruction, no need to purchase content once inside.

68 new punch combinations series 1:

68 orthodox combinations, 68 southpaw combinations &
Basic defense drills for orthodox & southpaw. Video length 1 hour 29 minutes.

Mayweather Boxing Club Training:

Follow Trainer Chi-Tao Li as he steps inside the Mayweather Boxing Club to work with over 15 elite fighters for a total of 50 one on one sessions.
See live how he teaches world class level techniques and experience how the fighters go through the learning process.
Featured are members of the famous TMT (“The Money Team”) J’Leon Love, Mickey Bey, Andrew Tabiti, LaDarius “Memphis” Miller, Kevin Newman II and TMT trainer Chris Bentchavtchav.
Also included are top athletes Lydell Rhodes, Dangerous Don Moore, Mićko Žižić, Marco Hall, Justin Mayweather Jones, Bryce Fraser, Latondria Jones, Zach Cooper, and many more.

Six Series Boxing Combo Flow:

Six Series Boxing Combo Flow is an easy to use app that helps you develop fluidity in your boxing, respond intelligently, use ring smarts, attain advanced skills and hit without being hit. Box Pattern Techniques lets you learn strategies, combinations, drills, and techniques, weather you are at home, at the gym, or on the go.

Boxing Counter Punching Combinations:

Counter Punching 101 is an easy to use app that helps you develop fluidity in your boxing, respond intelligently, use ring smarts, attain advanced skills and hit without being hit.


Decipher the training methods needed to learn and teach the lost art of counter punching.


Coach Chi-Tao Li demonstrates an innovative approach to attaining fluidity,
enhance endurance, stamina, speed, power and coordination.


Techniques on developing faster reflexes, decrease rection time, develop a multitude of boxing skills and reveal hidden talents through the use of punch mitts.


Progress your physical ability to fire rapid combinations and quickly transition to new angles, develop key attributes to be a better athlete.


Coach Chi-Tao Li’s training variations are what separates the ordinary boxer from the EXTRA-ordinary one.

When most people think of boxing, visions of devastating right hands or left hooks come to mind.
Yet there is another side of the sport that even seasoned coaches sometimes neglect…defense.
Both basic and advanced defensive maneuvers are outlined and demonstrated allowing you to hit without being hit.


Various drills and techniques are dissected to help boxers develop and improve all aspects of their game, including range, distance, speed, power, and conditioning.

Other features included in this app is a tab called pocket tools containing utilities such as; QR code scanner, Barcode scanner, Calender, Notes, Lighter and Document scanner.


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